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Tide Case

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Chapter 1

Company Profile

As a "promote-from-within" company, our people are our most important asset and the source of our competitive advantage. We hire the best people and provide them the very best training and development that challenges employees each day to excel in their careers.

By beginning your career at P&G, you'll enjoy leadership and responsibility from Day 1 and a challenging but meaningful work every day. And in addition to on-the-job experience, we provide a wealth of technical, functional and leadership skills trainings. This is part of our commitment to fully developing you to your maximum potential to become our future business leaders.

P&G's Purpose, which - for more than 170 years - has been focused on improving people's lives with branded products and services they use every day, and through our social responsibility programs that improve lives for those in need around the world. We define sustainability broadly at P&G to include both environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

P&G believes that the future success of the company hinges on its ability to maintain a healthy and productive workforce, which supports the build-from-within strategy. Creating a corporate culture that supports health and wellness is key to the long-term success of employees and the company. Our mission is to create an environment that encourages and enables employees (and their dependents) to make healthy choices.

Chapter 2


Tide is the name of a popular laundry detergent in the market of Canada, the United States andother countries. It is manufactured by Procter &Gamble. First introduced in test marketed in 1946 with national distributionreached in 1949. Tide is the World's Oldest & MostTrusted Detergent brand and is theMarket Leader in 23 Countriesaround the world. The brand regularly introduces newproducts and technologies to beatthe laundry blues.

Its target market is based on a number of factors like the income groups, geographical regions, consumer needs, consumer application of the product and the like. Tide has also applied Market Aggregation to surely cater the people who uses the product as part of their basic needs in their homes.

Amongst it competitors in Philippine market are 1) Ariel- a high-sudsing powder designed for twin-tub and top-loading washing machines. With the rise in popularity of automatic front-loading washing machines, a suitable low-suds variant was launched in the early 1970s. The mid-eighties saw the range expanding to encompass liquid detergent and compact powder. 2) Surf powder, with its original format, it infuses clothes with gorgeous fragrance and leaves them brilliantly clean. It was introduced in



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