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Uae Case

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It has been the development of education in the United Arab Emirates historical phases:

The first stage since the beginning of the 20th century and until 1953 almost .. While the second phase covers the beginning of the modern formal education since 1953 and until the present time.

* Education in the UAE since the beginning of the 20th century and until the year 1953:

This phase began sporadic and small schools did not go beyond teaching the primary school .. Began at the beginning of the twentieth century because of the prosperity of the local economy, which revived him the pearl trade merchants, who stood up eager to teach the construction and funding of schools .. And her teachers were brought from neighboring Gulf states.

The different stories about the opening date of the first school in the twentieth century mentions (Mohammad Hassan Al Harbi) that the first school was established in 1900 a school in Sharjah Altimah.

While little (Mohammed Abdullah Mursi) that it was founded in 1903 .. But Sheikh Mohammed bin Mahmoud, the son of the founder of the school emphasizes the opening of school in 1325, corresponding to 1905, .. The study was in addition to free housing, clothing and drink as well as books and stationery.

He also founded the Sheikh (Muhammad Bin Ali Al Mahmood) School reform in 1930 ..

In Abu Dhabi there was a school called the school (I'm behind) set up by the dealer Pearl (behind Al Otaiba) in 1903.

In Dubai it was the first school is the school of (Ahmadiyya) set up by the dealer Pearl (Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmouk) in 1910.

As well as opened a merchant (Salem Bin Misbah Al-Mahmoud), a pearl merchant (Salmiya School) in 1924 .. The (Al Falah) was founded by (Sheikh Mohammed bin Ali Zainal) in 1921.

* Education in the UAE since 1953 AD to 1971 AD:

We will review the development of education in this period of history in most of the emirates:

Sharjah -

Began formal education in the Emirate of Sharjah in 1953 in a coastal school when he began the arrival of the first mission of the State of Kuwait .. There is a school for girls called Qasimiyah in 1954 .. The name was changed later to become the School (Fatima) and that around the year 1955 to 1956 m.

In 1962, opened a school called the school (s) primary for girls.

The State of Qatar has set up a school for Benin at its own expense in Sharjah and the designated school (Arabism) and that around the year 1961. .. Also opened a school (Ali Bin Abi Talib).




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