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Web-Conferencing Programs

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SUBJECT: Web-Conferencing Programs

On April 23, it was brought to my attention that our company wants to use web conferencing to hold weekly meetings. There has not been a decision made upon the choices that are available, and now that I have been assigned to complete basic research on the available web-conferencing programs I would like to present to you my research that was completed.

The following programs summarize my findings.

1. As I conducted my research I found that the Cisco Unified Meeting Place Web Conferencing is the best program to use. The benefits that support this program are the common endpoints that allow the individuals to access the shared documents that are being used within the conference. The program also supports a server based conferencing that allows the individuals to connect to the web. With the increased reliability provided an individual can access the conference easily if their server system crashes. As always another important piece of the program contains network security that allows secure information to be released and protected ( Cisco, n.d.).

2. As my research was conducted I also found the following programs that I did not find suitable for our company.

a. Fuze Meeting, did not present enough information to persuade me that this meeting was suitable for our company. The price range was outrageous for annual use.

b. Genesys Meeting Center had more applications to download in order for documents to be presented to others. To record a conference the speaker had to use a dial tone telephone and the security did not seem to be convincing.


Cisco Unified Meeting Place Web Conferencing * Common endpoints

* server base conferencing

* Increased reliability

* Network security FREE

Fuze Meeting * The Fuze Box, Inc ( 2011) website Web and audio attendees limited to 100 for the year

* Multi-party video conferencing

* Dials others into the meeting

$0.6 per minute that the lines are being used $828 annual cost for only 100 individuals

Genesys Meeting Center According to InterCall ( 2010), " Each site participating in a video conference must have the following components:

* Codec (i.e. Polycom, Tanberg, Sony, etc.)

* Camera

* Monitor

* Microphones* SDN and/or IP network connection" ( FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, para. 1).

In order to know the price you



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