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What Is Training?

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What is Training?

Training, by definition, is:

1. To coach in or accustom to a mode of behavior or performance.

2. To make proficient with specialized instruction and practice.

3. To teach and form by practice; to educate; to exercise; to discipline

4. An activity leading to skilled behavior (15)

Training in the workplace is a process whereby people acquire capabilities to aid in the achievement of organizational goals; it provides employees with specific, identifiable knowledge and skills for use in their present job. (12)

Why is Training Important?

Training is important because many human resource professionalsdifficult time finding qualified entry level workers who posses the basic reading, writing and reasoning skills needed for today's workplace. In some cases, employers must complete the basic training that they believe high schools and technical colleges fail to provide. A high school diploma, and sometimes even a college degree, is not an indicator of the skills a person should have. The gap between the well educated, well skilled, and the non-educated, non-skilled is becoming more obvious due to the decline in manual labor jobs. (10)

Training is also important in aiding in underemployment and employee retention. Many students come out of college and are recruited into jobs that aren't challenging and move them along slowly. They then quit in search for other opportunities. Ongoing training would keep these students interested and learning new and challenging things, also enabling them to move up quicker. (10)

There are many competitive pressures facing organizations today that require...



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