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Wolf Case

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Arriving at the scene, just in time, about 20 minutes before the rest of the crew. Spot dashed over to the small burning home, flames just beginning to peak out of the small windows.

"Blaze!" Spot yelped, "There, there are still people in there!" in fact, there were still people in there. Wiggling around on the small burnt squares of carpet. There seemed to be a small boy, as well as his younger sister. Both seeming to be no older than eight years old.

"Stand back!" Blaze hollered. He was standing about ten to twenty feet away from the front door. "Whatever happens Spot, you need to stay here, you can take the credit for saving everyone left in the home but, I can't have you get hurt."

"Okay, but Blaze?" It was too late. By the time Spot had looked up, Blaze had already been long gone. So if he had been in the house, he wouldn't mind if Spot just "Helped a little," now would he?

Spot tip-toed towards the opening in the front door, gently squeezing through the cracked pieces of wood. The massive amounts of smoke overwhelmed spots senses. But, He knew he had to do it, he had to push forward.

"Help, help!" Spot heard the young kids scream and holler. He dashed to help them, as fast as his small legs would carry him.

He had gotten so close to the kids, but suddenly he felt a small tear on his leg, the more and more he tried to push through it the more and more it tore.

Spot gazed back only to see shards of glass surrounding the outsides of his legs. Blood had began to seep out of the small gashes and tears.

Spot began to bark to Blaze, he knew he would be scolded for disobeying him but he didn't care. The pain at this point was overwhelming his body .

"SPOT!" Blaze barked to his surprise, "What are you doing! I thought I told you to wait!

"I know Blaze, I know," he began to slowly slip away into total darkness. The last thing he heard was a small yelp from both the small girl and boy. He only wished he would have taken the easy way out at this point. He wished he would have just taken the credit. But now he only wished the pain in his leg would cease.



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