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Workteam Case

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The discussion could have been more in depth for my group but we all did the main part and answered what we thought was delegate and what should be acted on. I feel the group could have been more involved and hope next time we have a discussion that the group will get more involved and argumentative over the topic.

My group didnt agree on number five which was about the shoes not being stocked. Some said it should be acted upon and some say it should be delegated. In a sense we are all right because it the manager should figure out why the shoes didn't get stocked and only the other hand the employees should have been on top of it to stock the shoes. Personally I think that it is not the managers responsibility to make sure that the floor was properly stocked being that the manger was not even there. The employees should have stepped up and took the inventory out and stocked it.

We all acted on number three about the mall changing hours. This definitely is one that can not be delegated because if nobody knows of the changes in hours how would the employees know when they have to be to work and how would the store do any business if notices and hour changing signs were not completed. Having different hours for the holidays can make it more easier for customers to come in after work and on their days off to browse around and shop.



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