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Written Case

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How are scholars able to find out how early people with no written records lived?

Scholars found out how people lived by studying artifacts they found that earlier civilization had left behind such as pottery, hunting equipment, grave markings, etc. (Sayre 2012)

What was prehistoric society like around the Amazon?

The prehistoric society around the Amazon was an Urban like society. You would find grid like patterns of villages and small towns that were connected by roads leading to one large area were people would gather for different social events. (Sayre 2012)

What ensured European domination in the New World?

In the New World the European domination was ensured because of their knowledge and development of weapons and their advanced knowledge for technology. (Sayre 2012)

How do you think an entire prehistoric group of people could simply disappear, such as the people around the Marajo of the Amazon?

I believe that there were many reasons why a group of prehistoric people could disappear. But, I believe that the main factor to the disappearance of the smaller societies was from diseases that caused sickness amongst the people leading to death. In some areas it only took one person to carry a disease that could kill an entire population.



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