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A Letter to the Ceo

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Essay Preview: A Letter to the Ceo

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The main message of the author is simple, he is just saying that the company doesn't exploit his potential at 100 %. Instead the company is more and more profitable on the market share, there is a way to increase more. The topical issue of the company is about the "the need of integrity in our financial reporting" (Page 94). Indeed, the idea that struck you when you read the document is that the company is too much focus on the economy and what happened at wall street instead of being focus on its strategy. Even more, we can see that on page 94, "board meetings has become more and more focused on the analysts, their expectations etc...". The author warns that If the company doesn't care about its forces (employees), their employees will move to other companies. That's why, in order to keep that "top talent" (page 98), the company has to focus its strategy on the employees instead of always watching what happened at wall street to react after that.

If the company is more focus on its own strategy and its employees, the employees will feel closer to the company and its objectives. After that, employees will be more aware about the goals of the company so they'll be more productive and ready to do sacrifices for the company acting like they were in a sport team. Furthermore that's another non-explicit idea that the author is developing in his letter. The right way to conduct the business is acting like a sport team, focus on the players (who are the employees), making them working for a group integrally.



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