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Abc Questions

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plz validate ur ans at least once .

1. What is the approach followed in the application development in the knowledge transition phase?

A: Big Bang

2. Requirement analysis is the process of eliciting, gathering and analyzing the requirement.T/F

A: True

3. Quality Centre is a use case tool to help improve communication and traceability, enhance collaborative development and integrate requirements throughout the lifecycle.

A: False

4. Water heater heats water in a specified time. What type of testing?

(i) System

(ii) System integration

(iii) Acceptance

(iv) Sanity

5. InStrRev is used to find the substring of a string from the back.

A: True

6. Where is the scroll bar located?

(i) Top left

(ii) Top right

(iii) Bottom left

(iv) Bottom right

7. Database is a collection of data and relations

A: False

8. Components of database excludes

(i) Metadata

(ii) Report

(iii) Index

(iv) User Data

(v) None of these

9. The first time user can register within 3mins. What type of requirement?

(i) User req

(ii) Business req

(iii) System req

(iv) Functional intergration

10. Requirements testability defines a relationship between two or more requirements.

A: False

11. Non-Testable Requirements would be too subjective and test cases for those cannot be devised.

A: True

12. Shadowing day to day activities takes place on the actual job site without task accomplishment as a part of the process.

A: False

13. In Excel how do we change from manual calculation mode to automatic calculation?

(i) Right click and choose

(ii) None of these

(iii) Goto formula tab select the appropriate radio button.

(iv) All of the above

14. Stubs are used for creating lower level in what approach?

(i) Top Down intergration

(ii) Bottom Up intergration

(iii) Big Bang

15. What is a purpose of a sql view?

(i) View is a virtual table which can be accessed using the SQL commands

(ii) View is a virtual table which cannot be accessed using the SQL commands

(iii) Base table which can be accessed using SQL commands

16. Aggregate functions from the following?

(i) Sum, Min, Max, Count , Avg

(ii) Min, Add, Multiply

(iii) Sub, Count, Avg

17. Drivers are used for creating lower level in what approach?

(i) Top Down intergration

(ii) Bottom Up intergration

(iii) Big Bang

18. Detection was followed under which phase?

(i) Evaluation

(ii) Prevention

(iii) Debugging

(iv) Demonstration

19. Software testing is a process of ___________ a software application

(i) Verification

(ii) Validation

(iii) Review

(iv) None of the above

20. Internal KT sessions involves discussions on

(i) Application

(ii) Domain

(iii) Product

(iv) Business

(v) None of the above

21. Test Plan involves Status Reposting but doesn’t have Escalation process.

A: False

22. The objective of testing is same in all levels of testing

A: False

23. The cost of finding and fixing the defects is the same in all the levels.

A: False

24. We have separate levels of testing

(i) Test is done in different environment.

(ii) Testing is easy if done different stages.

(iii) The more the level of testing the better is the product


25. QA of a software is best when tested by Development team rather than individual testing team.

A: False

26. The inability of a component or system from its expected result.

(i) Fault

(ii) Defect

(iii) Bug

(iv) Failure

27. The



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