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Bible Questions

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1. "Christians are the salt of the Earth and light of the World." "Christians observe a new standard of Law and Christians have a right attitude are three teachings of the Sermon on the Mount.

2. The Golden rule is that we must not seek vengeance; we can practice this in our own life.

3. Two specific teachings of Matthew 10 would be:

1. The spirit will help the disciples stand firm and testify courage' to the Gospel truth.

2.God the Father, who has counted every hair on their heads, will watch over them.

4. He basically is saying that God's kingdom started out very small, but like a mustard seed it will continue to grow and get bigger.

5. A parable is almost like a short story within a chapter. An allegory is when something within the parable can be compared to something in life today. Jesus taught parables to present truths about the kingdom.

6. Some advice Jesus gave church leaders in Matthew 18 was be humble like children, never lead others to sin, relentlessly pursue the sinner, put no limits on your forgiveness, confront trouble makers in the church, imitate your heavenly father, and pray together in the community.

7. It states that today's Pope is a successor of Peter.

8. We will be judged on how we treat each other.

9. It gives the reader a better understanding one section at a time.

10. the signifigance is that jesus was such a bro that he bro'd out most of his life and banged smuts like it was his job. he was like screw dat reilgon jawnski i is gonna get me some fried poo tang



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