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California - a Place Everyone Should Visit

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Essay Preview: California - a Place Everyone Should Visit

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Professor Christina Woods

English 101

07 September 2012

California, A Place Everyone Should Visit

I recently visited California and I believe it is one place everyone should visit if given the

chance. My husband Christopher and I had stopped there for five days on our way to Hawaii. We had

only planned on staying there for two days but ended up staying for five because there were so many

things to do. I have outlined three reasons of why I enjoyed California as much as I did.

We initially arrived at Point Mugu Marine Corp Base and found our way downtown to a hotel

on the beach for the night. In the morning as we sat on our balcony we decided to rent a car and drive

to Sanfransico. This turned out to be a great decision, right off the bat. As we were driving up the coast

we had a beautiful view of the ocean where we stopped for watch the people surfing for about an hour.

Then we drove inland where we had an amazing view of the Diablo mountains. It was a great place to

stop and take photo's together.

We stopped half way through California and stayed at Travis Air Force Base. We searched for

an alternate mode of transportation to San Fransico do to heavy traffic. A taxi driver suggested taking

the Amtrak train because it was cheap, fast and you didn't have to deal with the traffic. We went to the

train station and bought two round trip tickets, I was very excited because this would be my first time

riding in a train. Once on the train we were able to relax eat dinner and enjoy a few drinks. The scenery

was everything from mountains to inner city. Although the ride was only forty-five minutes there was

always something new and interesting to look at. It was really nice to be able to relax and enjoy the

scenery without having to drive through all the traffic.

In San Fransico we went to a local tourist attraction called Pier 49, where there were so many things to do and see. Pier 49 was about a quarter mile long pier that contained an amazing assortment




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