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College Case

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Essay Preview: College Case

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In reference to the Table 16, the segment 02 comprises the characteristics of age between 18-44years who are high-income earners and key players in US. Zappos can consider allowing the celebrities and fashion icons in US to market their brands in their own site and gain their attention to the products available which can create a targeted audience of segment 02 type of customers.

These 2 types of customer segments can be defined as the main potential target markets Zappos need to take into consideration when positioning their products and providing the "WOW" service as they desire. In doing so, they will be able to target on new customer bases, increase their customer resulting in high returns in profits rather than depending on the repeat purchase customers of 75%.in the competitive market it is always useful to look into new edges.

As identified in the market trends, consumer behavior and customer needs, with the situation of economy in US, USA online / offline shoppers have become price sensitive but however the high-income earners consider this as a diminutive issue. Zappos need to focus more on the female customers they can attract on rather than male or kids because the most reliable and improved segment of Zappos markets contain high rate of females and who are involved in work and high income individuals.

age 18-24 will be beneficial because as mentioned above from 14years above US population have the purchasing power. Hence targeting on students h and segment that comprises the



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