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Leadership Lecture Slides

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Essay Preview: Leadership Lecture Slides

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Leadership involves strategic thinking, which is all about connecting creativity with value. Leadership is also about transformational thinking, which is the ability to take radically new ideas and make them work, and modeling the way—showing others what success looks like. Work on small wins and show people that they can in fact win. Leaders build workers' self-confidence, celebrate accomplishments, and are proponents of win-win thinking. Leadership creates a climate that fosters involvement, promotes excellence, and creates a zero-harm culture.

Miranda Priestly:

~ Powerful fashion editor of popular magazine "Runway"

~Married to her work, struggles with her home life: married several times, has two twin daughters

~Icon within the fashion industry

~Unapproachable; Difficult to work for

~Movie centers around three staff members: Andrea, Emily, Nigel

Basis of Power as demonstrated by Miranda Priestly:

1. Expert: Head of her magazine for decades

2. Legitimate: Editor and director of operations

3. Reward: Ability to determine who goes to Paris and who does not.

4. Coercive: Makes it clear that employees will be terminated quickly if they do not meet expectations.

Transactional Leadership

~Clear expectations understood by all staff

~Sometimes unattainable...job before personal life

~Rewards are given for following orders

~Trips to Paris; Clothing as gifts; fabulous parties

~Punishments are not always mentioned, but always understood

~Fired if they failed to meet expectations

~Formal systems of discipline are in place

~Berating employees often publically

Standard 1: Shared Vision - Pass

~Clear Expectations

~Common Goals

~Focus on Success

~Communicates with Stakeholders in Fashion Community

Standard 2: Culture of Learning: Fail

~Does not recognize staff accomplishments

~Does not foster collaboration

~Does not seek input from staff members, even m-team

~Puts magazine and self above other members of the team

~Is visable, but NOT approachable

Standard 3: Management: Pass

~Highly structured

~High expectations

~Clear roles and responsibilities

~Ran a tight ship: efficient

~Fostered independence through fear and negative reinforcement

Standard 4: Family and Community: Epic Fail

~No room for social life or family

~Job is the only life priority

~No culture building

~Encourages competition among employees as opposed to collaboration

Standard 5: Ethics: Fail

~Openly ridicules staff

~Extremely sarcastic

~Pits staff against one another

~NO respect for employees' personal needs

~Last minute expectations

~Threw Nigel under the bus to save her own job

~Never knew staff names

Standard 6: Societal Context: Pass

~Kept in touch with fashion (book)


~Thought globally: big picture person


~Critiqued designers before launches

Referent Power_ Andrea Sachs

~Miranda's former junior assistant, now her senior assistant.

~She and Andrea have a conflicted relationship.

~Recent Brown University graduate

~Hired as Miranda's junior personal assistant

~British man who serves as Runway's creative director

~The only person who can get away with critiquing Miranda's personal wardrobe choices.

@Based off of real-life Vogue's Editor in Chief, Anna Wintours

#Main Characters: Miranda Priestly, Andrea Sachs, Nigel, Emily Chalton



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