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Reflection Paper

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Essay Preview: Reflection Paper

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Needs improvement


Clear summary of exercise specific to your experience (15 possible points)

15 points: Excellent summary of what happened in the negotiation. Clear what role you played and how the negotiation concluded.

13 points: Good summary of negotiation, somewhat lacking clarity about what you did in the role and/or how your negotiation concluded

11 points: Incomplete or unclear summary - provided information about some critical things but not others. No information about how your negotiation concluded.

9 point: Inadequate summary - explained the role information but not your experience; explained parts of your experience that were not important to understanding your negotiation

7 points: Summary is confusing, disorganized, or does not provide relevant information to your negotiation to guide the rest of the paper

Application of class concepts- terms used correctly (25 points)

25 points: Each time a class concept is used it is defined and/or applied correctly. Class terminology is used to makes points in all places where it is appropriate.

22 points: Some class concepts are used appropriately, it is not clear that others are applied correctly and/or are not defined in ways that demonstrate understanding, or class concepts are not used in places they should be

19 points: Class concepts are applied and used correctly in most places, but one or more of the class concepts is used incorrectly

16 points: The majority of class concepts are used inappropriately, or there is little mention of class concepts at all.

13 points: the reflection does not include class concepts in appropriate ways.

Applied appropriately to logically explain outcome (35 points)

35 points: Relevant class concepts are used to logically explain how the exercise unfolded. The concepts most relevant to this particular negotiation are used.

32 points: Relevant class concepts are used appropriately, but not applied in enough depth to explain why the negotiation unfolded as it did

29 points: The most relevant class concepts to this week of negotiating are excluded from the analysis, making it difficult to understand why the negotiation unfolded as it did.

26 points: Class concepts are applied incorrectly to explain parts of the negotiation, the concepts most relevant to this negotiation are not included in the analysis

23 points: The negotiation and outcomes are not adequately explained and/or use of class concepts does not provide a logical explanation

How will this make you a better negotiator? (25 points)

25 points: Clear summary of insightful learning points from this negotiation and a connection between what you did in the negotiation and how this will help you improve your skills for future negotiations. Summary provided of key takeaways.

22 points: Discussion of what you learned from this exercise but not a detailed description of how this will make you a better negotiator. Some takeaways explained and at least one major learning point clearly articulated.

19 points: Learning points unclear or hard to connect to the exercise. Not a clear connection to how this will make you a better negotiator. Major takeaways difficult to understand.

16 points: Incomplete explanation of learning points. Not connected to key takeaways or how you will become a better negotiator.

14 points: Learning points not well articulated. Key takeaways not provided.

What will you do differently in a similar situation? Specific behaviors (20 points)

20 points: Show an insightful understanding of what a similar future situation might look like, and explain what you would do differently as a result of this learning experience. Provide examples of specific negotiating behaviors.

18 points: Explain what things you will do differently and provide examples or general descriptions of behaviors that you will change. Focus slightly more on what has happened already versus how you will act in future negotiations.

16 points: Does not demonstrate a clear connection between this negotiation and future behaviors. Does not provide general description of changes to specific future behaviors, but spends most time reiterating mistakes made.

14: Rather than applying learning points to future negotiation, you explained what you would do differently if you engaged in the exact same negotiating situation again. Few to no future behavioral changes described.

12 points: Does not demonstrate understanding or reflection needed to improve in future negotiations



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