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School Rules Case

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Essay Preview: School Rules Case

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School Rules

School rules are broken by students all the time, but who should be held accountable? The students should be held responsible for many reasons. High school students chose what they put on and chose how they act. These kids know the rules and how they are suppose to dress. When rules are broken it shows they are not always effective, but they are important for kids safety, when these rules are broken kids are they ones who take responsibility for the actions they take.

The rules in schools are important in many aspects in the students' lives at school. The most important reason would have to be how the kids feel while in school. Some kids appreciate having rules as stated in Goldberg's article, " ' The bottom line is that a majority of kids find the law a safe haven' he said", (Goldberg A4). This statement shows that kids believe strict rules make for a safer school environment for all students. This same article also makes a statement," They would like it to be tougher to protect them from gang activity," (Goldberg A4). This line from the article shows that children are truly scared of the real adult world. From seeing whats around town, on the news or in the papers shows students everywhere how scary this big world is so the appreciate school being safe place to be. Having school rules are very important to have to make the kids feel safe at school.

Additionally, schools have policies because they want them to be effective in schools. Some kids do not know the true facts about rules and facts like said in Goldberg's article, " One in ten children interviewed said they believed it was legal for minors to keep or store stolen goods, carry a gun and drink alcohol,"(Goldberg A4). This sort of belief gets adults thinking that kids should be more educated in laws and their consequences. Also stated in Goldberg's article it says, " Even though many said they would like tougher laws, forty-four percent admitted to breaking school rules," (Goldberg A4). This quote shows that if schools had more strict rules this might lead to not as many students breaking the rules. Theses situations show that current policies are not being effective in schools.

Policies on alcohol, stealing or carrying guns are not the only issues one to looks at. Those policies are just as important to look at as dress codes. As most school policies, dress codes also get broken frequently. In schools, kids will often listen to other students they find cool or popular so they will fit in. An example like this is stated in Schuett's article, " Of course there are a couple of guys who have bought into what someone has told them is a gang look," (Schuett B7). This was sad to read because it proves how bad kids want to fit in. Likewise, some kids want to look bad as stated, " They want to wear their ball caps turned around backward



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