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Facial Mask - Overall Marketing Plan and Objectives

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Essay Preview: Facial Mask - Overall Marketing Plan and Objectives

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Nowadays, facial care is no longer done by just women but all youngsters and men also. That is why the market of skincare product is progressing rapidly and the knowledge about skincare has become very common. ORI, a skincare brand understands that the development of technology heightens the seriousness of air pollution which causes the air to be filled with dust, thus causing skin problems. ORI is also aware that the UV rays from the pollution can bring harmful effects on the skin. These problems will not have immediate effects but in the long run ORI realize the severity of these problems if actions to protect the skin are not taken immediately. With ORI's knowledge of skincare, the best quality of facial treatments is provided to protect consumer's skin from letting these harmful effects from taking toll and at the same time fulfill the contentment of the consumers. As a result, ORI introduces a new product called ORI Mask in the form of mask sheet and cream mask. ORI Mask is a natural skincare product with ingredients from high quality organic plants that contain all kinds of minerals, nutrients and vitamins to ensure that every process of the facial treatment is taken care of to replenish a healthy and radiant looking skin for the consumers. The specialty of ORI Mask is that, it can absorb twice the rate of nutrients in the form of sheets and even cream better than what other facial brands can do. Consumers have two preference of the same compatibility to choose from in their choice of need and comfort. In addition, ORI Mask is an eco-friendly product that helps in the reduction of pollution. The package is designed by ORI to be recyclable. ORI is a strong supporter in the benefits of organic plantation.

Overall Marketing Plan and Objectives


The name of our company, ORI is derived from the word 'original' which perfectly describes the company's mission in fulfilling consumer's satisfaction by providing the best quality of original ingredients. ORI was founded to create exceptional natural skincare products that are powered by nature and proven by science by using herbs and fruits, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. ORI formulates facial masks that are gentle and enriched with minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and fruit extracts that help in deep cleansing, smoothing, whitening and moisturizing of the skin. ORI's mask also aids in fighting oxidation, tighten skin elasticity and repair the skin cells against sun damages. ORI mask is carefully evaluated by dermatologist experts before being put out in the market. ORI also contributes in animal friendly practices and policies.

What is ORI selling and what ORI hope to achieve?

The new product that is introduced by ORI is available in two types of variety which is ORI mask sheet and ORI facial cream mask. With the advantages that ORI Mask



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