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Kirra Kite Festival Marketing Plan

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Essay Preview: Kirra Kite Festival Marketing Plan

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Executive Summary 1

Event Information 1

Market Information 2

Target Markets 3

Objectives 4

Marketing Strategies 4

Action Plan 7

Marketing Budget 8

Monitoring and Evaluation 9

Appendix 10

Executive Summary

The Kirra Kite Festival is a free public event held on Sunday the 20th November 2011 at the Kirra Beach. There are many activities held during this event such as Kite Olympics and workshops, live music, markets, camel riding, street performers, multicultural cuisine and etc. This event is mainly targeted to the local families, children, teenagers as well as tourist. The event objective is to attract visitors from local, domestic and international. Besides that, the event is a way to promote the destination to a broader audience. Since the event is a free public event, there is not much budget allocate for this event. Simple but various methods use to promote the event to the target market. The event is being promoted by printed advertising, bus advertising, online advertising, website, television, newspaper, radio and portable Bluetooth advertising. For the overall marketing strategies use, the budget for Kirra Kite Festival is AUD 3,419.54. This event is a very unique event and it is the second kite festival held in Gold Coast. Therefore, although there are few and simple marketing strategies use, there is a high possibility that it can attract the target market.

Event Information

Kirra Kite Festival is back for 2011! The first Kirra Kite Festival was conducted last year in 2010 and it gives a great positive impact to the visitors. Many local people as well as tourist came to the event. Therefore, this year we hoping to create more fun and fantastic activities that will attract more visitors from all over Queensland to came down and enjoy the weekend. Kirra Kite Festival is a free family Sunday event, which will be held on the 20th November 2011 from 10 am to 6pm at the Kirra Beach, Gold Coast. As partners with Queensland Kite Flyers Society, this year it will be more interesting as new and multicolor kites will be flying up in the sky. Plus, the main attraction will be the "Mega Kite" which is an inflatable and self-flying kite about 100 feet wide and 50 feet deep. Various activities will be held which includes Kite Olympics and workshops, live music, markets, camel riding, street performers, multicultural cuisine and etc.

(For the objective of the event see page 3)

Market Environment

Research has been done to evaluate the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats that the company faced. The company has experience event team that can deliver good quality of work. Besides that, high level of motivation of event staff and professional in generate creative ideas is another strength for the company. Moreover, the company has a good working relationship with the Queensland Kite Flyers Society. It is an advantage for the company as we can showcase various unique kites to visitors. Not only that, our company has a high media and corporate contact with Gold Coast Sun, Very Gold Coast and 91.7 ABC Coast FM. This is good because they can promote our event to the public. The weakness that this company face is the lack of funds to promote the event. This is because it is hard to get sponsors to sponsor for this kind of small event. Another weakness is that the company needs to hire volunteers instead of part time staff to work during the event. This is because the company does not have enough money to pay the part time staff due to the free entry event.

Since the event is a free entrance and held at a public area, it gives a great opportunity to attract many visitors. Visitors can participate in the kite competition, which this gives them the opportunity to show their skill and talent. Besides that, the event has the opportunity to attract visitors as it held during the school break. The local authorities such as Gold Coast City Council, Kirra Surf Life Saving Club and Kirra Beach support Kirra Kite Festival, which this gives an opportunity to hold the event. Not only that, this event has a little competition because Kirra Kite Festival is the first ever kite event held in Gold Coast. There is a one kite festival will be held but it is in Brisbane. Moreover, the event can attract more visitors because it is held at an amazing and perfect location that has great facilities. Although there are many opportunities of the event, there are also some threats. The main threat for this event is the weather condition. Since it is an outdoors event; rain, cloudy or any bad weather occur will have a negative impact to the event. Not only that, if there is no wind during the event day, the kite might not fly up into the sky which this also consider as a threat. Another threat that the company faced is the high level of competition. There are few events held on the same day which are The Gold Coast 12th Annual Rose Show and Broadbeach Art and Craft Market. These events are also free entry. Therefore, visitors may attend their event instead of our event.

Internal Analysis


* Have an experience event team

* Good quality of work

* Have a good working relationship

* High media and corporate contact Weakness

* Lack of funds to promote the event

* Lack of volunteers

External Analysis


* Free event and located at public beach

* Visitor can show their skill and talent

* School holiday



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