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Marketing Plan of Ultrasound Machine

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Essay Preview: Marketing Plan of Ultrasound Machine

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This paper is all about the marketing plan of ultrasound machine

Executive Summary

GE healthcare is planned to launched its new high end Color Doppler 3D-4D machine to capture the segments of the Doctors who can spend around Rs 11,Lacs to 15 Lacs. GE Healthcare has already market leader in the western country. To rule the Indian market GE has come up with this model. During the first year GE has planned to capture around 10% market share.

Current Market Situation

Logiq P5, Ultrasound Color Doppler 4D Sonography machine has launched by GE Healthcare which is one of the leading company in Medical Equipments in Westerns and European market. Due to overall improvement in Healthcare industry in India, the market for sonography machine has a good future in this region. Many companies are coming with their own manufacturing units and variety of products So Competition for P5 in the market is very tough. To increase the market share GE has to focus on quality of the product. Logiq P5 is high end color Doppler machine

Market Description

The main user of P5 market is senior Radiologist and Gynecologist who are really good in sonography and Technically Sound Doctors. With increasing in the public awareness and with emerging healthcare sector not only in cities but also doctors from the small town are the potential customers for this P5 Sonography machine. And Number of Multi Specialty Hospitals has also increased in India. They are also the potential customer of the Logiq P5.

Purchase of the high end Color Doppler machine mostly depends upon its special feature like Speckle Reduction Imagine, 4D Image quality, Color Sensitivity and Operating System. With increased competition customer wants all these features at competitive price.

With changing technology and Patient awareness in the market, Sometimes Doctors and Multi-specialty Hospitals are bound to buy such kind of machines.

Product Review

Some unique features of Logiq P5 is

* High Definition Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD) heightens visibility of organs and lesions with improved, contrast resolution that suppresses speckle artifact while maintaining true tissue architecture.

* Crossbeam™ imaging enhances tissue and border differentiation with an exclusive spatial compounding acquisition and processing technique.

* Advanced, high-frequency transducers provide excellent spatial resolution and color sensitivity.

* Automatic Optimization (AO) and Auto TGC, helps to improve image quality in B-mode, spectral and color Doppler; and Auto TGC provides a homogeneous picture from the near to far field.

* The monitor also folds down for better visualization when transporting the 75-kg system, and thanks to an articulating arm, the LCD monitor can be easily adjusted so the patient and others can view the screen.

* For the Hospital, Logiq P5 has the Software connectivity that can give direct connection with X-ray machines and other systems of the Hospitals.

Target Customer Corresponding Features

1. Gynecologist * Special Convex Transducer with Frequency range between 1.4-4.8 MHz

* Single angle Biopsy Guide


* Trans Vaginal Probe with 4-11MHz Frequency

2. Radiologist * Special Transducer like Urology , Linear Probe( Superficial Organ)

Pediatric Probe

3. Cardiologist * Special Cardiac Probe

4. Hospitals * Software that can be attached to all other equipments in the Hospital

Competitive Review

With increase in the investment in Healthcare Industry, Many companies are coming with their wide range of products which caters all segments. Due to increase in the competition every company has to give competitive price for Sonography machine.

Phillips HD 11 :

Phillips is emerging as a good competitor in Healthcare Industry in India. In Ultrasound department Phillips is coming with wide range of sonography machine with good quality of image resolution. Mostly Gynecologist prefer this HD 11 because of its image quality in Transvaginal Transducer. Price of this HD 11 is around Rs.11 Lacks

Mindray DC-7

Mindray is a new company in the market. Though Company do not have not launched any 3D-4D Sonography machine in India yet. But still this model is giving competition in terms of price. As this is the Chinese company they are selling machines at cheaper cost. Price of DC-7 is around Rs10.50 Lacks.

Medison X8:

Medison is the pioneer in the 3D-4D technology. Medison is a germen company which has a good market share in north India. Because of the good image quality of Linear Transducer. Medison has directly come in India. They haven't appointed any dealer so they are not at all flexible in their price.

Price of Medison X8 is around Rs.13 Lacs.

Distribution Review:

The distribution channel for GE healthcare is simple. GE has main 3 Units in India

1.Banglore(main) 2. Mumbai 3.New Delhi

In each region GE has appointed the Dealers. Those dealers are responsible for sales and services of the medical Equipment in that region.

Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat Analysis


* The



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